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About Us



Hi, Our names are Tony and Hila Vassar


Hila: was born and raised in the city, but has always loved animals and being in the country. After moving to several places in the United States, always a city, She was happy to move to a country life. She is learning, each day, contributing to the ranch.


Tony: lived all his life in a rural community. He worked several jobs on ranches as a cowboy, learning several useful trades.  He eventually bought his own cows and worked them with a friend on a friend's ranch. 


Between the 2 of them there is a very large family of 3 adult kids, 8 grand children and lots of sisters, brothers, nieces and nephews. They are all happy for us and help us quite often.


Tony's dream was to own his own ranch property and build it up with Hila. 

One day, We were talking and decided to "just look" for something. The search got more and more serious. We sold all the cows, the house in the city and other things. Then in the year 2020 the day came for the move. Right before the shut-down.


It was a trying time for most of the world. With wars and the pandemic, with years of hardship for everyone, we felt, we could not complain. Even though we both wished to retire and just work the ranch, with the horrible economy, we both felt we could not do this. We were both thankful we both still had jobs. But things went a lot slower than we wished. 


Our original mission is to be a productive ranch, make it pay for itself. To get cows back on the ranch and provide people with food. Well things change. And they don't. We still wish to get the cows, but we also wish to have a productive goat grazing business. Helping the environment with cleaning up the land; forests, preserves, and private land. Goat grazing, not only cleans up land, in an environmentally friendly way. It fertilizes the land, so the non-invasive plants can thrive. Fires are down to a minimum, and cities are not threatened as much.


The Rancher/Farmer in this world provides every person and animal with food. All of them are very concerned of the environment and wish to preserve it. We treat our animals with the upmost respect, knowing this is the livelihood of the world. But a lot of modern people don't understand, that we are the reason why they have food. That their pets have food. That they can go about their day and enjoy life. Yet, most farmers and ranchers work both a full time job and work the land to make ends meet. All with a lot of criticism and misunderstanding. So if you ever meet one, Say thank you.

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